2017 Volkswagen Jetta Performance Features

2017 Volkswagen Jetta

A great car is one that manages to bring it all together—from safety and technology to power and performance—and we think you’ll agree that the 2017 VW Jetta performance specs establish it as a unique vehicle in a market flooded with sedans that are too similar to each other. The Jetta features a range of engine options as well as a suite of performance features – especially on the Jetta GLI. Read on as we break down the specs you should know about before even looking at a vehicle like the 2017 Mazda3.

Performance Features and Specs

From engine power to driver assist features, the Jetta was designed to optimize your experience on the road. Here are some examples of what to expect:

  • Engine Power – With the Jetta, you can choose from a wide range of engines. Jetta drivers will have access to the standard 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder (on the Jetta 1.4T), a 1.8L turbocharged engine (on the Jetta 1.8T), or a 2.0L turbocharged engine. That translates to 150 hp, 170 hp, and 210 hp, respectively.
  • Performance Transmission – The available 6-speed DSG performance transmission brings remarkably fast gear changes and seamless acceleration whether you are enjoying some thrills or just needing to merge on the highway.
  • 4-Corner Independent Suspension – Stay in control on the road with the standard 4-corner independent suspension, fine-tuned for a smooth ride (and don’t forget the available Sport Suspension of the Jetta GLI).

With three different engines and transmission and suspension options geared specifically toward performance, it’s tough to rival a Jetta. If you’re a little unsure of the difference 170 hp makes compared to 150 hp, that’s fair. Numbers don’t always translate to the rumble of an engine, but we can put you behind the wheel for a test drive.

Test Drive the Jetta Today

We want you to see why the Jetta has been such a popular model from Lawrence to Salem, and that means experiencing the 2017 VW Jetta performance firsthand. Contact us today to schedule some time behind the wheel; we think it’s a great idea to get started with that 2.0L engine and then discover the other powertrains – if you don’t need that much excitement in your Jetta.